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SFTPL (SATKIRTI FILTER TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED) sintered filter are sintered parts with high porosity, between 35 and 50% in volume, made of sintered Bronze material. Our manufacturing plant in based at Shivane, Pune – 411023

Compacting of metal powder is done at elevated temperatures. It is a technique where metal powders are compacted and sintered at the same time. There are two ways of compacting Hot pressing and Cold pressing.

Pressing and sintering are the mechanisms used to form solid parts from powders. Pressing occurs first, then sintering.

Sintering is a process of the metallurgy of your filter with different metals and alloys in powder form. The process of metallurgy happens through diffusion at temperatures that are below the melting point.

The structure of materials based on individual particles sintered together offers a high porosity material with its most important property, PERMEABILITY. The labyrinth pore structure of SFTPL elements allows: Filtering of solid particles from gases, liquids and molten plastics. Separation of liquids from gases, Damping, throttling, Drying and Moistening of gases.

Uniform distribution of air and gas over large areas:

  • For dispersion of gases in liquids
  • For transportation, drying or moistening of powder or granulates
  • For supporting of moving parts (aerostatic and hydrostatic bearings).

The permeability is defined as “ability to flow” and is an individual characteristic of a filtering medium depending upon its pore size, depth of filtration, pore structure, etc.

The coefficient of permeability of KPMI sintered bronze elements can be calculated as:
Where, =Coefficient of permeability of a given grade in Darcy (* 1 darcy=10-8)cm2
Q =Flow of fluid through sintered bronze element in cc/sec.
L =Thickness of filter element in cm
n =Viscosity of fluid in poise
p= Pressure drop across element in dynes/cm2

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