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Sintered Bronze Filter Media is an important addition to filtration technology. It is recognized the world over for it’s superior and dependable filtration characteristics. Sintered Bronze Filter Element is produced from spherical bronze powder of closely controlled particle size to give a rigid porous structure of uniform pore dimensions.

SFTPL (SATKIRTI FILTER TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED) sintered filter are sintered parts with high porosity, between 35 and 50% in volume, made of sintered Bronze material. Our manufacturing plant in based at Shivane, Pune – 411023

The structure of materials based on individual particles sintered together offers a high porosity material with its most important property, PERMEABILITY.


Filter and porous components are made of spherical bronze powder. It could be offered by small wall thickness and high length, made by gravity sintering process. That can be available in different shape as diameter from 2 to 250 mm, and length from 2 to 1000 mm. Sintered bronze porous material with the thread integrated in the filter.

  • It has a Stable pore shape due to advanced sinter processing
  • Corrosion resistant it is..Being metallic, it is resistant to impact. It is self-supporting unlike other filtering media. The ductility and strength of this metallic structure increases its suitability for high pressure filtration in both directions of flow. It may be readily cleaned by reversing flow or back-flushing with a solvent.
  • Its High permeability ensure that it attracts maximum impurities and ensure utmost filtration of oil , gas and other powder products.
  • The distribution of pores of the three-dimensional structure formed in the sintering process is tightly controlled to give optimum and most reliable performance.
  • It has a high dirt- holding capacity which ensures the longer lifetime of the equipments.
  • Sintered Bronze Filter Element can be formed in any desired shape and size with repeated consistency.
  • Due to its back flushing feature it is extremely easy to clean thus reusable.
  • It can be easily welded, machined, and soldered.
  • The mean pore pitch is variable, from 1 µm to 100 µm.
  • Depth silencers whose efficiency is very high.
  • Work at high temperature and high pressure without deformation.
  • The chemical resistance is good.
  • Silencers can be welded and machined after final shape which can be adapted for specific assembling purpose.
  • The permeability is defined as “ability to flow” and is an individual characteristic of a filtering medium depending upon its pore size, depth of filtration, pore structure, etc.

The coefficient of permeability of KPMI sintered bronze elements can be calculated as:

  • Coefficient of permeability of a given grade in Darcy (* 1 darcy=10-8)cm2
  • Q =Flow of fluid through sintered bronze element in cc/sec.
  • L =Thickness of filter element in cm
  • n =Viscosity of fluid in poise
  • p= Pressure drop across element in dynes/cm2

Specifications of the product

  • DENSITY 4.5 – 6.5 gm/cc
  • POROSITY BY VOLUME Cu-89%, Sn-11%
  • DENSITY 35 – 50%
  • TRACTION RESISTANCE 3 – 6kg/ mm2
  • FILTERING DEGREE 5µ - 150µ
  • LENGTH RANGE 2mm – 1000mm
  • TEMPERATURE SUITABILITY Up to 200°C in oxidizing atmosphere

  • Satkirti filters use the most advance technology for the sintering process to make stable pore size elements.
  • Available in various sizes up to 1 meter L as per the clients requirement.
  • It provides filtration Levels : 1 to 100 microns.

Customer-proven bronze metal folding and sintered metal filter cartridges include:
  • Clarification filter
  • Disinfection filter
  • Filter to reduce bio burden
  • Exhaust filter
  • Gas filter
  • Industrial house air purification
  • Sanitary house air purification
  • Pneumatic Equipment
  • Air Filtration
  • Separation of liquids from gases
  • Drying & moistening of gases
  • Oxygen & Nitrogen Plants
  • Pneumatics Industries
  • Automation Industries
  • Cement Industries

  • 300 mm L x 150 mm W x 3 mm thick
  • 300 mm L x 150 mm W x 3 mm thick

The structure of material based on individual particles Sintered together offers a high porosity material with its most important property, PERMEABILITY. The labyrinth pore structure of Satkirti Filter Technologies Pvt Ltd (SFTPL) Filter Elements allows:

  • Filtering of solid particles from gases, liquids and molten plastics.
  • Separation of liquids from gases,
  • Damping, throttling,
  • Drying and Moistening of gases,
  • Uniform distribution of air and gas over large

-for dispersion of gases in liquids.
-for transportation, drying or moistening of powder or granulates.
-for supporting of moving parts(aerostatic and hydrostatic bearing).

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