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SS Sintered Filters are designed to provide high quality particulate removal with high flow rate and dirt holding capacity at even high temperatures. The SS Sintered filters are made from fine stainless steel powder which is sintered to form filters in cylindrical shape.

Sintered metal powder filter elements, also called sintered metal porous filters, use stainless steel 316L powder as raw materials and then produced these high quality Sintered SS316L Filter Element with Threading, Sintered SS316L Wire mesh Disc, Sintered SS316L Wire mesh Filter, Sintered SS316L Filter Silencer through pressing, compacting and sintering processes. As the metal used is stainless steel material the sintered metal powder filter elements are also known as sintered stainless steel powder filter elements.

  • Rust free and thus long durability is the key feature.
  • Exceptionally high Flow Rate
  • High Dirt Holding Capacity
  • Easy to install and remove.
  • Can withhold high temperature.
  • Min. Pressure Drops.
  • High in Strength for cleaning and can be used multiple number of times.
  • High Durable through proper cleaning and regenerating process.

Satkirti Filters Technology Pvt Ltd is the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Sintered SS316L Filter Elements highly applicable in Hydraulic industry and pneumatic industry. We have a quality assurance team which checks the product quality at every stage.

Sintered stainless steel powder filter elements can be made into tube type and plate type. Because of the good permeability, filter fitness and high stock utilization, they are widely used in the medical industry, chemical industry,food & beverage industry, metallurgical industry and field of gas purification.

SS Filters are used for Air, gas and liquid filtration as they possess a very fine micron and are suitable for a range of operations.

  • In the steam and gas industry, 100% of particles or derbies larger than the pore size chosen will be retained by the SS filter element.
  • Did you know? That 1 micron of these high quality sintered filters has an efficiency of 99.7% based on 0.2 micron particles.
  • Using a pore size smaller than the required size will reduce the durability and high pressure drop of the sintered SSFilter element.
  • SS Sintered elements can be cleaned by immersing it in dilute hydrochloric acid, clean water or even ultrasonic bath and air depending on the type of contamination.
  • However, once the pressure drops across the filter even after cleaning it must be changed.

Our wide range of SS Filter elements help in the carrying out the smooth operations of the equipment and machinery in various industries.

Sintered Porous Metal Discs are quite similar to a metallic sponge. Porous Sintered Metal Filters which are made of highly uniform, interconnected networks of stainless steel pores with tortuous paths that trap solid particles in gas or liquid flow streams. They do pose an excellent depth with superior mechanical strength.

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