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The best Manufacturer of Sintered Bronze Silencer in Pune, India

Mechanical Engineering

We use latest Mechanical engineering techniques and machineries to manufacture the Sintered filters which makes it highly reliable

Professional Work Force

We have well Qualified and Experience profession workforce

ISO Certified

Our Company is ISO Certified & having various quality standards

Made IN India

We are a Make In India Company and all are products are made in india.


We are leading exporters for sintered bronze filters, Silencers, etc. (Remove Machineries)

Durability & Quality

Our filters are highly reliable with the process of sintering used with minute details.


We can choose the filtering system suitable to your practical needs according to your specific parameters If convenient, please send to me more detailed information


All measuring equipment and tools are calibrated regularly in order to secure high accuracy in measurements with precision to offer consistent high performance.

Competitive price

We find a way to provide competitive price on the market.

Welcome to Satkirti Filter Technologies Pvt Ltd

In business and growing since 4 decades of existence, Satkirti Filter Technologies Private Limited is one of the most reputed organizations instrumental in manufacturing, supplying and exporting customized Sintered Bronze Filters, Sintered SS316L Filters and Sintered Porous Plastic Filters identified for their excellent functionality and durability. As one of the best Filter media manufactures in Pune, India we are proud to have gathered rich experience in the sintered Bronze Filter Elements Industry through an expanding customer base, PAN India and across the world.

Satkiri filters technology Pvt Ltd, Pune plays an important addition to the filtration technology with Sintered BRONZE FILTER MEDIA, SS Wire Mesh Filter and sintered plastic filter is a very important addition to filtration technology. It is recognized all over the world for its superior and dependable filtration characteristics. Sintered bronze filter parts are created from spherical bronze powder of closely controlled particle size to convey a rigid porous structure of uniform pore dimensions. Unlike other filtering media, sintered bronze is self-supporting. Being metallic, it is resistant to impact.

We Satkirti filter media manufacturers in Pune, India combine state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities with unmatched human skills to offer our valuable patrons custom-built products. Our sheer dedication has helped us place our esteemed organization as a preferred choice for clients across various domains in the field of Sintered Bronze Filter Elements, Sintered SS316L Filter Elements and Sintered Porous Plastic Filters

Sintered Bronze Filters

We are engaged in manufacturing Sintered Bronze Filter created from spherical bronze powder offering high performance. These Sintered Bronze Filter Cartridges are suitable even for very high temperature and pressure conditions. The malleability and strength of this gold-bearing structure will increase its suitableness for top pressure filtration in each direction of flow. Another feature that makes sintered bronze a preferred choice is it’s easy to maintain and clean feature.

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Stainless Steel Sintered filters

Stainless Steel Sintered filters are made from fine particulates of Stainless Steel powder to form filters in cylindrical shapes, highly useful in the air filter for industries and various other liquid industrial filter in India. SS Sintered Filters are specially designed to provide high quality practical removal in the liquid filtration process with high flow rate and dirt holding capacity, thereby allowing long system lifetime and ensures a cost effective operation.

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Sintered Porous Plastic Filters

The Sintered Porous Plastic Filters have outstanding elasticity; high physical strength and lightweight thus making it easy to handle for maximum filtration rate. Compared to other filters it is easier to handle due to its lightweight and better corrosion resistance. It can be easily installed on pneumatic equipment, thus is it know to be the best Pneumatic filters in India,Pune

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Client’s Testimonials

Best Manufacturer of Sintered Bronze Filters in India

Highly useful for air filter for industries

  • It helps in retaining the solid particles contained in a liquid or gaseous fluid
  • Separate liquid and solid phases

The hydraulic filter cartridge plays an important role to

  • Controls the pressure in the pneumatic and hydraulic circuits

These industrial filter suppliers manufacture Sintered air filters which monitor the constant and controlled air flow at the exit for the machinery

As the best industrial filter suppliers we use sintered powders which create amazing highly effective filters:

  • They help in transporting cement, flour, alumina, ashes, toner powder, etc

Highly efficient for maintaining flow control in heat exchangers, for medical gases, during scuba diving and industrial gases

The sintered plastic filter are Anti-moisture products which help in drying and protect the electronic equipments

Ensure safety as a flame protector or flame arresting products as :

  • Explosion proof switchgear
  • Anti flammable light fixtures for hospital operating rooms
  • Gas burners, heaters and for welding facilities

Stainless steel filter is useful for preventing possible damage of gauges and permitting accurate readings

The Sintered button silencer helps in sound dampening as exhaust mufflers on air operated equipment

These pp filter cartridges are utilized for phase separation of liquid-vapor mixtures in cryogenic applications.

The Sintered plastic filters help in vacuuming and preventing the entrance of harmful minute dirt particles for smooth operations.

The hydraulic filter cartridge proves essential for absorbing moisture and heat control flow in the industrial operations